Vincent de Lorenzo (ENZO Holistic Hair Health) continues to redefine innovation and benchmarks

What the de Lorenzo family created as a legacy in the Australian haircare market still continues to reach new milestones through the hands of Vincent de Lorenzo, the father figure of revolutionary haircare therapies for 21st century Australia. Vincent is credited for the development of the ENZO Holistic Hair Therapy range that harmoniously marries the de Lorenzo family’s rich heritage and experience with innovativeness and the use of cutting-edge technologies. De Lorenzo haircare services have earned a unique place in the Australian haircare landscape with their “no-animal-testing”, “environmentally-friendly”, “plant-based-ingredients”, and “100 % Australian –made-and-owned” philosophies and have helped people accurately address their specific haircare needs.

Vincent de Lorenzo, the co-founder of De Lorenzo haircare salons and the founder of Holistic Hair Therapy ENZOSPA, has always focussed on innovation and innovativeness as he made continuous improvement an integral part of his work ethic. “Nature is far more clever than man will ever be.” With this piece of eternal truth guiding Vincent’s efforts to upgrade Australia’s haircare market, ENZOSPA was destined to emerge as a 100% natural haircare therapy that would pay a golden tribute to the global environmental awareness and conservation efforts.

ENZOSPA is a 3-step haircare programme that is designed to suit any hair type, condition, style application, and scalp condition. The programme owes its success to the use of a 100% a natural nourishing formula that is constituted with plant and desert fruit extracts. This “prescriptive by nature” therapy is designed and facilitated through the use of biodegradable and recyclable products that are free from sulphate, salt, paraben, palm oil, petrochemicals, and animal-derived ingredients and this is what makes the therapy more appealing for today’s educated consumers who care about what they use and how it affects the environment around them.


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